tricks and hacks: improve your social media rating

Are you ising hashtags when you post on facebook, or when you twit on twitter? Well if you are not, then we will show you how you can double your posts ratings by using a very simple and free method.

Hashtags are widely used in social media, while professional content editors use them all the time, novice people use them occasionally and the majority of people are not using them at all.  We can estimate that 1:1000 people are using it on Facebook and only 1:100 use it on twitter, the rest are just “reading it”. Google, ing and facebook seriously relate to hashtags and increase your rating according to the keywords used.

In the last 10 years, the information overflow became so bad, and social media started to be so popular, that each one of us has the power of a publisher! Each one of us “owns” a website (our Facebook feed or a Twitter account) and each one of us is posting things: we are not passive readers like in the times that only the big companies had websites and we were “users” – today, each one of us is a publisher… each one of us can post ideas and links.  So learn from the professional publishers and start to use #HASHTAGS.

When you create a #HASHTAG, you actually create a link to a page that collects all the other posts which used the same #HASHTAG on that same website. Thus in one word, you can link to all the other people which are discussing the same high level idea.

OK so now the question is, if I want to use hashtags, how can I know WHICH hashtags to use?? Should I use “#PeaceAndLove” or should I use “#LoveAndPeace” or any other option of the millions of possible options that promote the idea of peace and love?

You clearly want to use the most popular hashtags, or else you will link to yourself and to yourself only. Free and creeative tools like TagPredict are the one you want to use for that: it is telling you which hashtags are most popular in the global network, and also just on the website that you are reading now:

To install it, enter the Google Webstore and search for “TagPredict or just follow the direct link here.

Choose the first option (Hashlighter is only highlighting hashtags, not giving any stats) and install it. Now follow the instructions on their blog: how to get the most popular hashtags, and start using them when you post on any social media website!

#GoodLuck !