How Had I Recovered Hard Drive With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free ?

We often suffer from the issues of data loss from our external storage devices like pen drive and hard drive. In this article, I am going to talk about how I have recovered data lost from my hard drive with the use of a software called ‘EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free’. The latest version available is version 10.8. This software is one of the most effective free data recovery software which one can get for free. The paid license version is also available in the market and it goes without saying that it consists of more features than the trial version. The software is developed in a manner that it is user-friendly to use. Therefore, even computer illiterates are going to be benefitted as well. The data recovery software will provide you with all possible solutions regarding the data loss you have suffered.  If we have accidentally deleted data, formatted the same or have suffered abrupt software crash, EaseUS Date Recovery Wizard is what you need to make good the loss suffered.  The software is capable enough to recover data lost due to virus attack as well. Most of the computer users in the world install Windows as operating system on their machines and this data recovery software in question is compatible with any version of the same, be it as old as Windows 2000 or the latest Windows 10.

Now, let me discuss how I have performed the data recovery process with the help of the free version of the software. Both the free and paid version work in the same manner. There are only three simple steps that I have followed to recover the data I had lost from my hard drive.

Step 1) Firstly, I downloaded a free version of the software and got it installed on my laptop which took only 15.35MB of my hard disk space. I selected the language as English although multiple languages are supported. Then, I launched the software, once it is installed and then to selected the type of files which I required to recover.

Step 2) Next, I had to select the disk from which I needed to recover the lost data, which in my case was my hard drive. Then, I clicked on the scan option for scanning the data. Let me tell you that there are two modes for scanning. The first option is the quick scanning that aids in finding the files which are lost by deletion. The second one is the deep scanning which facilitates in finding the files lost in some way other than by deletion.

Step 3) After the end of the scanning process, the software previews all the recoverable lost files. Then, I selected the files that I had to recover for which I clicked on the recovery option. Eventually, the software displayed that all the files had been recovered. This made my task easier as I could recover the files that I needed to recover.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a fantastic data recovery software but it is not free from limitations. As I used the free version to recover my lost data I could only recover up to 2GB data only. The paid version can be used to recover data of higher capacity. To conclude, I would like to say that this software can be used by any user, whether tech savvy or not. It can be very handy for not only a business concern but also for a nonprofit-oriented entity as well.