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The early Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, led the primary European expedition to what is now Florida within the hopes of discovering the Fountain of Youth. The quest for this legendary paradise of youthful energy, well being and beauty continues to fascinate the human spirit at the moment. And Florida, as the home of Jeunesse, is as soon as once more in the forefront of this exploration for youth-enhancing solutions. This mystical fountain of youth is an emblem of the desire to remain younger. Jeunesse was founded to supply a comprehensive anti-growing old product providing of youthful improvements, comprised of each nutritional and skin care merchandise.

I always thought everyone knew that copying and pasting photos discovered on the internet was a particular no-no given that nearly each image created within the last 30 years continues to be protected by copyright, whether or not right here in the US or from one other country extending such rights. Boy was I wrong! When I spoke at Blissdom, one of many questions I requested of the audience was how many individuals have had a photograph stolen. Practically each hand in the room went up. WOW! We’re talking about fifty-some folks (probably extra). I went on to ask how many people have used Google Images to seek out pictures. Quite just a few arms went up.

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First it was the Indians. Then the Chinese language who helped build our railroads. After that it was the Irish, the Germans, and Japanese People who were our residents during WWII. That was followed by Puerto Ricans, blacks, and Hispanics. Right this moment it is Muslims. Sure, there’s prejudice and hate in all corners of the world, but America is meant to be different. We are the place where people of all coloration, race, and non secular beliefs are welcomed with open arms.

The primary goal of advertising approach is the creation of a certain lifestyle. And here it is much much less vital to convince the individual rationally than to implant in him a certain conception of life. The object supplied for sale by the advertiser is naturally indispensable to the conclusion of this way of life. Now, objects marketed are all the result of the identical technical progress and are all of identical sort from a cultural standpoint. Subsequently, commercials seeking to prove that these objects are indispensable seek advice from the same conception of the world, man, progress, beliefs – briefly, life.